Reasons Why Print On Demand Keychains Are The Perfect Way To Promote Your Brand

Have you ever considered using print-on-demand keychains as a marketing tool for your business? If not, you should! Keychains are one of the most popular promotional items out there and for a good reason. 

They’re practical, affordable, and can be customized to feature your brand logo or marketing message. Keychains are the perfect way to show your customers that you appreciate their business. Read on to learn more about how POD keychains can boost your business.

What is Print On Demand Keychains?

Print-on-demand keychains are a modern printing technology that allows you to create personalized and customized items such as keychains without investing in a large bulk order upfront.

Because of the popularity and demand for unique and personalized gift items, the print-on-demand industry has grown significantly in recent years, becoming an increasingly common way for businesses to produce promotional products.

With print-on-demand, you can publish your design online and have it digitally printed one piece at a time. This allows you to create unique and customized items to your liking without ordering a large quantity upfront.

Why are Keychains a Great Option for Promoting your Brand?

Print on demand keychains

Keychains are a great promotional product choice for many reasons. First, they are a practical and helpful gift for anyone to give a promotional product to.

Second, they are available in various styles, shapes, and sizes, meaning that you can find one that best suits the image of your business.

Keychains are incredibly versatile. They can be engraved with your company’s name and logo, made of a wide variety of different materials, attached to anything from car keys to backpack zippers, and are a popular gift choice among both children and adults.

3 Reasons Print-on-Demand Keychains Are a Great Option

1. They are very affordable

One of the main reasons print-on-demand keychains make a great choice is that they are very affordable, especially compared to other promotional product options. They help you save money upfront by avoiding the need to create and purchase many items all at once.

2. They are completely customized

Another reason print-on-demand keychains make a great choice is that they are entirely customizable. This allows you to create a unique promotional item that nobody else will have.

3. They can be personalized

Another reason print-on-demand keychains make a great choice is that they can be personalized. Not only can you choose the shape, size, and design of your keychain, but you can also add your company name and logo and make it your own.

2 Ways Print-on-Demand Keychains Help Promote Your Brand

1. They create brand awareness and exposure

By giving out promotional items such as keychains, you create brand awareness and increase your business’s exposure. This can help bring new customers to your store or event, as well as help keep current customers.

2. They increase your customer’s loyalty

Another way that print-on-demand keychains can help promote your brand is by increasing your customers’ loyalty. Giving out promotional items such as keychains can help increase your customer’s loyalty towards your brand and business and increase their satisfaction and willingness to come back.

4 Tips for Designing the Perfect Print-on-Demand Keychains for Your Brand

1. Knowing your Audience

How do you expect to know what designs and slogans will appeal to your audience if you don’t know who they are? You can run a few surveys, of course, but to get inside your customers’ heads, you’ll need to do some thorough research. 

You can start by looking at what your competitors are doing and asking why their keychain designs are more appealing than yours. What could you do to make your designs more appealing? 

If you’re launching a new product, such as jewelry or cosmetics, you’ll need to research what colors are popular and what images they commonly find on the packaging.

2. Decide on a Design and Color Scheme

Print on demand keychains

Once you know what your target audience likes, you can start creating designs you think they’ll like. Plenty of online logo design tools will help you create a logo that’s both appealing and representative of your brand.

Once you’ve designed a logo, you can use it to create a color scheme. You can also use color theory to develop a color scheme that ties in with your brand’s personality while appealing to your audience. 

Once again, plenty of online color palette tools will help you come up with a color scheme that’s right for your brand.

3. Don’t Skimp on Quality

If you want your keychains to have longevity, you need to invest in quality. Low-quality materials, such as substandard paper, will probably deteriorate quickly, meaning your customers may only have the opportunity to use them once.

This could lead to them losing interest in your brand or even throwing your keychains away. We could go on about the pitfalls of using cheap materials, but the fact is that you don’t have to be an expert in printing to know that there’s a difference between high-quality and low-quality materials. To avoid looking cheap and unprofessional, you will have to invest in top-quality materials.

4. Add Some Bling

If you’re printing your keychains in full color, you can go all out and add some bling by putting glitter in your design. 

Pick a color that will stand out against your chosen colors, and you won’t just have a design that’s appealing to customers but will also stand out in their bags and draw their attention when they’re searching for their keys.

Another way to add a little sparkle to your keychains is using metallic inks. You can use these in combination with other colors (such as red, blue, and silver) to create a design that’s as appealing as it is eye-catching.

The Bottom Line

Keychains are a great promotional product choice for many reasons. They are a practical and helpful gift for anyone to give a promotional product; they are available in various styles, shapes, and sizes and are entirely customizable. They can also be personalized and printed on demand, making them a unique promotional item that nobody else will have. 

Print-on-demand keychains are an excellent choice for a promotional product because they are very affordable, they are completely customized, and they can be personalized. They create brand awareness and exposure, increase customer loyalty, and help bring new customers to your store or event.

Keychains are affordable and practical, and they offer an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation for your customer’s business. Start using print-on-demand keychains today and watch your business grow!