Amazon Print-on-Demand: Selling POD Products on Amazon

Are you interested in learning how to market Amazon Print-on-Demand items?

Amazon is one of the most common places for new online merchants to get their feet wet. Amazon print-on-demand is a great way to expose your products to a massive audience as a user-friendly and highly adaptable platform.

You can sell your products on Amazon print-on-demand, but you can also work with a variety of dropshipping and other partners, such as print-on-demand services. Using Amazon’s print-on-demand service, you can quickly and cheaply offer customers a wide variety of unique products.

Print-on-Demand (POD) Products: What About it?

First, we’ll discuss Print-on-Demand and how it can impact your company’s strategy. When a customer purchases from your online store, the product is printed and shipped directly to the customer. This arrangement is very similar to dropshipping in that you and the manufacturer work together to fulfill orders for customers.

The vendor you work with in print on demand eliminates the need for you to store inventory or even ship products to customers. You can avoid losing money by charging your customer more than the cost of the item and shipping combined.

The ability to personalize your products is what sets POD apart from standard dropshipping. When you use to print on demand, you can collaborate with manufacturers who can incorporate custom artwork. This allows you to upload a custom design for a T-shirt, bracelets, or keychains and have the manufacturer incorporate it into the final product.

Tips for Selling Amazon Print-On-Demand Products

A product of the moment sale on Amazon print-on-demand is a straightforward operation. Before you can begin selling on Amazon, there are a few prerequisites, such as choosing a POD company and creating a seller account. The majority of your work, however, will go rather smoothly once you have those things.

It is recommended that you begin by creating a seller account on Amazon. You first need to know that there are two distinct types of seller accounts on Amazon. The “Individual” plan is free and allows you to sell up to ten items monthly. However, the Professional Plan is necessary if you intend to create a reasonably scalable business on Amazon. A monthly fee is associated with this, but it may help you make more sales than a standard seller.

Access to the Amazon Marketplace service is a major perk of the Amazon Professional plan. You can integrate your Amazon account with other services, such as Print on Demand providers.

There are many excellent choices for print-on-demand stores to consider:

1. Printful

Printful is a leading print-on-demand service that is compatible with many different types of online stores. The Printful company designs all of its products in-house and is renowned for its extensive catalog of high-quality options. Printful’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years thanks to the company’s widespread availability of high-quality products, dedicated attention to each customer’s needs, and easy accessibility to custom mockups.

It offers a wide variety of products with appealing designs, and you can alter them to your liking by changing the product’s font, color, and other aspects. Engraved jewelry is also available. Printful surpasses even Amazon Merch in the variety of goods it sells.

2. Gearbubble

More than ever, people prefer to generate passive income by using print-on-demand services. Since the product is only printed once ordered, this business model avoids upfront costs. GearBubble is one of many well-known print-on-demand services.

You can use GearBubble to create and sell products directly through your GearBubble store or connect your store to external sales channels like Amazon. Products sold on your site or Instagram can also be printed and shipped from within the GearBubble dashboard.

Gearbubble can automatically download all data from Amazon, including tracking records and order fulfillment, through an API connection.

GearBubble will take care of all the details for you when a customer orders on Amazon. With a little work (and a monthly fee), you can start selling your designed products on GearBubble, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Shopify.

3. Laser Chili

Many excellent print-on-demand services are available, among which Laser Chili is merely one. This print-on-demand retailer helps businesses in the apparel and home goods sectors by letting them personalize and sell an extensive catalog of goods.

The following are the four basic procedures for preparing delicious Laser Chili. Pick something like a premade bracelet or a deck of playing cards just begging to be personalized. Next, you’ll want to upload a design; then, you can use the Mockup Generator to virtually apply the products you’ve selected to the uploaded design.

With just a few clicks, you can upload your design and examine it in exquisite detail in high-resolution images—the third step of releasing the product to the public. When your personalized product meets your standards, post it for sale online.

As the app is compatible with the most popular online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon, you can easily reach Laser Chili’s tens of millions of users.

The system will immediately begin producing, packaging, and shipping the ordered items once the order has been placed. In this way, we can avoid using human labor for fulfillment.

Linking Laser Chili to Amazon takes only a few seconds because it is straightforward. Create your merchandise using the Laser Chili mockup generator after signing up for an Amazon seller account. You can link your Laser Chili and Amazon accounts when you’re ready to send your designs to Amazon. Laser Chili is notified of a sale and begins processing the order immediately.

How to Sell on Amazon Print-on-demand Using Laser Chili

Now that you have a basic understanding of the services provided by POD companies, it’s time to learn more about selling on Amazon print-on-demand through a third-party solution. Here we will use Laser Chili as an example because it is currently one of its most widely used services.

First, Merch by Amazon is free to use, but if you want to use a third-party POD solution, you’ll need to sign up for a professional seller account.

You should first register for a Business account at Amazon. When creating your account for the first time, Amazon will ask if it is for personal or business use. When you have a business account, you can:

1. Make a POD account.

Then, sign up for an account with your preferred POD service. For this investigation, we will focus on Laser Chili due to its prominence among similar services. You can keep your initial investment low and the quality high.

One of the benefits of using Laser Chili is that it simplifies selling products on marketplaces like your own website, eBay, and Amazon, which in turn allows you to generate more passive income. The price of engraving is also quite reasonable. There is no membership fee, but you will have to cover the cost of the product you’re making for your customers and the shipping costs to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

2. Design your products.

After signing up for a Print on Demand business account, you can start working on the design’s artwork. The Laser Chili mockup generator will come in handy here, as it is both user-friendly and simple. If you want to move an element in your design, grab it and drop it where you want it to go.

Get plenty of photos of the finished product to use in the product listing, upload the artwork and create a mockup.

3. List your product on Amazon.

The next thing to do is link your POD account with your Amazon account. Connecting the two accounts will vary if you’re using a print-on-demand service. Laser Chili makes it simple to connect your Amazon account and immediately sync products to your store by clicking a button.

4. Be sure your Amazon listing is optimized.

The next step is to perfect your Amazon product page so customers can easily find it. This indicates that your product page needs some tweaking to make it more appealing to Amazon bots. Using keywords that describe your product will increase its discoverability. You should optimize the title and the product’s name with relevant keywords.

Make sure to create quality bullet points that highlight your product’s most valuable features and your key terms for your listing. The product description can provide additional information about your products and company.

Get involved with your audience as much as possible to boost your listing’s quality by amassing reviews, questions, and answers.

5. Taking and filling customer orders.

The next step is to anticipate the arrival of customer orders (while doing a little marketing from time to time too). If there isn’t a direct link, you should be able to manually fulfill orders by placing them through the POD website using the information provided by your customer. With Laser Chili, you can use their dropship integration tool to reduce the effort required greatly.

Your Laser Chili team will receive a notification when an order is placed on Amazon, allowing them to begin processing the order immediately. It’s easy to provide a better customer service experience when you use Laser Chili because they’ll submit tracking information to marketplaces on your behalf.

Successfully Leveraging Amazon Print-On-Demand Offerings

Particularly, you’ll need a well-thought-out strategy if you want to be successful with Print on Demand sales on Amazon. If you want to succeed in business, you need to consider every aspect carefully, from the products you offer to customers to the designers you hire. Fortunately, many resources are available to help you create your t-shirt designs and custom template products to sell on Amazon.

It may take some time to become familiar with Merch by Amazon, but it’s one of the best options. Always weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each potential third-party solution. When you’re ready to begin selling and have chosen your preferred POD solution, you can focus on expanding your customer base through strategies like search engine optimization and Amazon listing optimization.

Creating a company website could be a wise investment if you want to expand your brand’s reach and increase your sales opportunities.