All You Need to Know About Shopify Print-On-Demand Services

What is the service of Shopify print-on-demand? When you first think of starting an eCommerce store, your main concerns are what products you sell, your target audience, and, most importantly, where you get your inventory.

After the preliminary steps of planning have been completed. However, there are a plethora of further considerations to be made. In what ways would potential customers learn about your shop? How do you make yourself noticeable? Exactly where do you get your goods?

Can you manufacture them cheaper in bulk somewhere else? And this is where Print-On-Demand services come in.

They’re helpful for e-commerce sites because it means they don’t have to keep as much stock on hand. You should keep reading if you think Shopify’s Print-On-Demand service could benefit your online store.

What is Shopify Print-On-Demand?

Print-on-demand, or POD for short, is a computer technology that facilitates the instantaneous printing and distribution of bespoke goods. Because of this, store owners can save space and money by printing things on demand rather than keeping them in inventory.

You may use this innovation to make individualized products, print them in large quantities, and keep them in a digital warehouse. The item is published and sent out immediately when a customer puts an order. More importantly, this eliminates the cost of holding unnecessary stock.

shopify print-on-demand

How Does Shopify Print-On-Demand Work?

Products through your Shopify store will have the option to print when customers check out. They can adjust the product’s design and then place an order for it. The order will be to the printers for fulfillment and delivery to the client.

Who Is Shopify Print-On-Demand Suitable For?

This Print-On-Demand service might be right up your alley if you’re a merchant who has opened up shop on the Shopify eCommerce platform. However, this is a separate service that requires additional payment beyond your current Shopify subscription.

If you are a new Shopify retailer and want this service, you must ensure that you have enough capital to cover the initial set-up costs. So this will be further in the next section.

With that being said, there are many advantages to using the Shopify Print-On-Demand service. The main one is that it is a quick and easy way to increase your product offering.

Products like t-shirts, mugs and phone covers may all be off to the printer with your brand’s logo and message to print on them. Since they are already in stock, they may be to clients immediately after purchase.

What Products Can You Print-On-Demand With Shopify?

As previously discussed, the Shopify print-on-demand service is only available for select product types:

1. Posters

You can use the Poster option to make posters that may be printed whenever needed. Because of this, you may make as many different designs as possible and charge whatever you like. You can specify how many copies you’d like to print for each layout.

2. T-shirts

If you want to create t-shirts that can be on demand, you can use the t-shirt option. This allows you to easily design your t-shirt, set the design you want to use on the front and back, and then decide what type of fabric you would like to use.

3. Mugs

The coffee mug feature is ideal if you want to design custom mugs that can be printed whenever you need them. You can pick a pattern, flip it over, so it appears on both sides, and select the mug style you like.

4. Phone Cases

If you want to create phone cases on demand, you can use the phone case option. This allows you to create a design for the phone case, set the plan you want on the front, back, and sides, and then decide what type of phone case you would like to use.

5. Cards

If you want to create cards that can be printed on demand, you can use the greeting card option. This allows you to choose a design and set the plan on the front and back of the card. You can also add a message to the inside of the card.

What Are The Various Printing Techniques Used By Shopify Print-On-Demand?

There are three main printing techniques used by Shopify print-on-demand:

1. Screen Printing

In screen printing, ink is onto the object’s surface via a mesh stencil. This is a common approach to printing on t-shirts.

2. Digital Printing

The design is directly from a computer file to the printed object with digital printing. The printing process is often for items like mugs and posters.

3. Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is a type of printing in which the dye is transferred to the object’s surface by heat. These printed cards and phone cases are ubiquitous.

What Are The Various Fulfillment Options By Shopify Print-On-Demand?

shopify print-on-demand

Shopify print-on-demand offers two main fulfillment options:

1. Drop Shipping

In the fulfillment model known as “drop shipping,” the retailer typically has no stock. When an order is placed, the shop will contact the supplier, who will ship the product straight to the client.

2. Printing In-House

Printing in-house is a fulfillment option where the retailer keeps inventory in stock and ships the product to the customer once the order is placed. This means the retailer will need a printer and supplies in-house to print the product.

The Costs Involved with the Shopify Print-On-Demand Service

Keep in mind that additional expenses will be with using the Shopify print-on-demand service. There is a two-week trial period available after you join the program.

During this trial period, the service is free, and you can try it to see if it could be a good fit for your eCommerce store. However, after the two weeks are up, you will need to start paying for the service.

Shopify’s print-on-demand service costs the following at the time of this writing:

  • Basic Plan – $20/month – This plan lets you create as many products as possible but only allows you to sell them in the US.
  • Advanced Plan – $100/month – This plan lets you create as many products as possible and enables you to sell them anywhere in the world.
  • Advanced Plan for High Volume – $300/month – This plan lets you create as many products as you want and sell them anywhere in the world.

Remember that the listed price applies solely to the specified product. Adding new products to your store will cost you money if you plan on selling more than one.

Wrapping Up

The Shopify print-on-demand service has many advantages, including its low entry barrier and the fact that no physical inventory needs to be on hand. Also, the print-on-demand service is in scope and, therefore, not applicable to all items.

You will have to pay for it as an additional service for your Shopify subscription. You must ensure that your budget will stretch far enough to cover the initial set-up costs and the monthly fees once the 14-day trial period is up.