“Most of the sales nowadays come from the products uploaded at that time.” An interview with Khun Knot, one of Laser Chili’s Top Sellers.

Today, I will share the story of “Khun Knot”, one of the top sellers at Laser Chili.

Khun Knot started selling Laser Chili products in August 2021, when Laser Chili opened a factory in the United States.

He discovered Laser Chili while watching a live stream by The Wealth Matters group, where the Laser Chili team was discussing Print on Demand products.

Let’s get to know Khun Knot better.

  • Please introduce yourself. Who are you, where did you come from, and what have you done?

Hello, my name is Knot. I run a family business – a wooden furniture factory. Previously, I had always tried to find an online job as a side hustle, but I hadn’t found anything that worked until I found Laser Chili.

  • When did you start doing Laser Chili? How did you accidentally find us?

I started doing Laser Chili around the end of August 2021. I discovered Laser Chili while watching a live stream by The Wealth Matters group, where the Laser Chili team was discussing Print on Demand.

  • How long did it take to get your first sale?

I listed Laser Chili products for the first time in September 2021, almost immediately after watching The Wealth Matters live. The first order came in October 2021. I had to wait for it for about a month, but two weeks later, the customer asked for a refund, haha.

(Sales at the end of Khun Knot’s first year after starting work in September)

  • Aside from Amazon, do you sell Laser Chili products on other marketplaces?

I only sell Laser Chili products on Amazon. My Etsy account got suspended after I got the first order. I tried to apply again, but it was closed again. I even tried to buy an account, but it was closed again. So I decided not to sell on Etsy.

  • How many products do you have on Amazon now?

I have 46,585 products in my Amazon account now.

  • Oh wow…that’s a lot! Can I ask how your sales were last year? Were they much better than the first year?

Last year’s sales were much better. In 2021, I sold almost 2,500 pieces, and most of the sales came towards the end of the year.

(Khun Knot’s Amazon sales in 2022)

  • This is a significant increase! How did you manage to achieve that?

At the end of 2021, I noticed a significant increase in sales (for me) during December. So, I started looking for ways to increase sales each month and see what I could do. I revisited the course that Book (one of Laser Chili’s Co-Founders) taught and went through the emails and posts on Bank’s blog.

I discovered that using Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) could help increase sales.

(FBA stands for Fulfilled By Amazon. You need to send products to stock at Amazon’s warehouse first, and Amazon will deliver our products to customers when they place orders)

That made me decide to try FBA. I selected one of my products that sell well and ordered FBA for this product for the first time – 10 pieces (1 box) in April 2022.

After that, when I saw that the sales began to increase, I gradually ordered more and more (approximately 90% of all orders in 2022) in September. Now I have around 40 products that are FBA.

  • That’s very cool. Do you have any advice for selecting products to be FBA?

I follow the same method that Bank posted in the group. I choose a product that sells 2-3 pieces per month and has 50++ product views or has sold 5 or more pieces in the past 6 months.

  • Were most of the FBA products you sent sold? What advice would you give to people who want to send FBA but don’t dare to order (because they’re afraid their FBA might not be sold)?

“Currently, 80% of the FBA products I sent can sell at least one piece a month. There were about 20% that couldn’t be sold in the first few months they arrived at the Amazon Warehouse. But by the end of last year, they were all sold out.

“For those who haven’t dared to order, let’s think of it this way. If we send an FBA box of 10 pieces of Glidelock Bracelets, the cost is about $69.5 (product cost) + $4 (shipping cost to Amazon) = $73.5.

If you sell them for $29.95 each, deducting the fee of about $8-10, you will get a $20 profit each (without deducting the cost of the item).

We only need to sell just four pieces to make a profit. We will make around $80 from four units sold, and the product cost is $73.5. The risk is very low.

Another advantage of Laser Chili is that we can order FBA products to try and sell in very small quantities, starting with just 10 pieces. If you can’t sell any of them, we would only lose about $70, but if the products we sent started selling, we will be able to make a lot of profits from that.

Which, I think, is worth the risk.

  • How long do you spend working on this print-on-demand business? How many hours do you work per day? How many days a week? Do you have a production flow?

Nowadays, I work from Monday to Friday, about two to three hours a day. Most of my time is spent on research and creating new designs.

As for the production flow, I start by finding a single quote that can be used with many niches like Family or Professions.

Then I will prepare the design templates for each product type such as glidelock bracelet, ladder bracelet, keychain, etc. in Canva. Then, prepare templates for the niche as separate Excel files for each category.

After that, I select a quote that fits those niches and put it in Canva, and then bulk create/export the design as a PNG file and save them on the computer.

Once the designs are ready, I will work on the Excel template I prepared and export it to a CSV file, one CSV for one product type.

Then, I upload the CSV and PNG files to the Laser Chili system through the Bulk Add Products Function.

If there is a sale from any design template, I will use this design template with other quotes to create products.

But if none of the products from this design template can sell, I will stop and create a new design template.

When there are sales from these new products, I’ll check the report and choose some products to send as FBA. I normally choose new products for FBA 1-2 times a week.

  • Do you have a plan for the end of this year?

I have two goals now. I must have 150 FBA products and 80,000 FBM products in my Amazon account.

  • Thank you very much for your time. Finally, do you have any suggestions for newbies or friends who are selling Laser Chili?

I actually don’t have any tricks. I mainly follow what was taught in the course and blog, such as Book and Bank. I do the work, repeat the course, and check what I missed.

That’s all I do. When Laser Chili has any challenges, I join in.

Each day, I prepare my work, make designs and CSV files for uploading to the Laser Chili system, press the Publish button, and let the system upload the products.

Another thing I would like to tell you is that during the first Laser Chili, there was an Upload Contest with a reward for people who uploaded many products to the system.

(Laser Chili has organized contests according to various festivals, to encourage Sellers to upload many products and generate sales)

At that time, the only thing I could think of was “upload first” to get the reward. If they can’t be sold, at least I’ll get free credits to use the Laser Chili system. And that was still good.

This made me hurry up to upload a lot of products. Most of the designs were not nice, but I’ll tell you that most of the sales nowadays come from the products uploaded at that time.

That’s it. This is an interview with “Khun Knot”, one of our Top Sellers.

I hope you like it and get inspired. 

Thank you “Khun Knot” very much for sharing your experiences. 

If you are interested in selling Laser Chili like Khun Knot, you can create an account for free at LaserChili.com and you can join the Laser Chili group to find like-minded people 🙂